Aid4Aid is a social community of people where its members assist (Provide Aid) to one another in financial equivalent(s).

Aid4Aid is simply a technical platform which connects millions of private and corporate individuals across the world who believe in the power of Unity and uplifting one another in solving their financial challenges.

In Aid4Aid, all aid (funds) are transferred from member(s) to another and are given out on FREEWILL, BENEVOLENCE absolutely GRATIS. Each member is completely confident and certain in his/her action and also accepts full responsibilities.

Each member is advised to study carefully all RULES, WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS first before joining the community.

The SUPPORT TEAM are ever-readily available to attend to any matter or challenge regarding mode of performing smooth transfer of Aid.

Aid2Aid is a platform based on absolute TRUST, SINCERITY, LOVE, HONESTY, TRUTH, MUTUAL RESPECT, GOOD COMMUNICATION, SUPPORT AND GRATUITIES. And you are urged to treat other member(s) exactly how you want to be treated.

We are Aid4Aid, proud of who we are, what we are becoming and what we tend to achieve together which is a balanced system of Financial Equality through supporting one another.